Do You Want the Best Young Adult
Books Every Month?

Reading a good book is awe-inspiring. It feels amazing and you never want it to end, right?

Wouldn’t it be great if every book you read was that good?

Imagine getting only the absolute best young adult books sent straight to your doorstep each and every month. It’s like a present to yourself, every month!

Book Subscription Box For Readers Who Love Young Adult Books

Fortunately, you don’t have to imagine - you can experience it for real!

Here’s how it works...

You sign up and every month we send you a recently published, brand-new young adult book that you’ll absolutely love.

Every book you’ll get is personally read and chosen by Lisa, the founder of Uppercase. Lisa is one of the most popular young adult book reviewers and has been reviewing young adult books for over 5 years on her blog, Read. Breathe. Relax. and on the Huffington Post.

Since hundreds of thousands of readers trust Lisa’s taste in books, publishers and authors send her hundreds of advanced copies every year to read and review. In other words, she reads it all - so you don’t have to - and then sends you only the best young adult books.

And guess what? Every month you’ll get WAY more than just a book!

Uppercase September Young Adult Book Subscription Box
I’m soooo excited to start reading this book and it sounds amazing! I highly recommend this book box to anyone who wants a little mystery added into their book buying experience (it’s not even expensive!!!!!)

— @two_book_girls

Uppercase November Young Adult Book Subscription Box
I adore my Uppercase subscription. If you’re a YA lover, I highly recommend the service.

— @sonybless

What’s Inside Your Young Adult Book Subscription Box

Every month you'll get an incredible young adult book PLUS more really awesome bookish stuff!

When you open your book subscription box, every month you’ll find...

  • A recently published, hard-cover, brand-new young adult book that you’ll absolutely enjoy
  • Signed bookplate from the author (or sometimes, your book will be signed) so that you can collect valuable author signatures from your favorite young adult authors
  • 1-2 exclusive, custom-made, high-quality bookish items like jewelry, bookmarks, scarves, notebooks, tote bags, and more!
  • Interactive reading experience to access exclusive content and connect with other readers
  • Fun promotional swag from the publisher (stickers, buttons, bookmarks, etc.)
  • Special hand-written and personalized note, just for you

Do you want to read the best young adult books and get awesome bookish items every month? Click the button to read more about the young adult books box for readers like you!