Monthly Book Subscription Box For Young Adult Book Lovers

Want to get awesome book mail every month?

Get the best young adult books and exclusive bookish items delivered right to your door every month with the young adult book subscription box!

When you subscribe to the book subscription box, each month you’ll receive a wonderful and personally curated package with a brand-new young adult book, author signature, and exclusive bookish items, plus more!

Uppercase October Young Adult Book Subscription Box

Discover the Best Young Adult Books to Read

Broaden your reading horizons and let us introduce you to new books and authors that you may not have chosen for yourself but that you’ll absolutely love!

The main reason I signed up, was so I could step out of my “comfort zone” with reading. This has opened my eyes to so many new books I have come to love!

Having Trouble Deciding What to Read?

There’s no need to spend hours of searching and reading countless reviews when you can sit back and receive only the best young adult books delivered right to your door every month. Discover the most incredible young adult books before they become popular and don’t miss out on the hidden gems.

Whether you’re stuck in a reading rut or simply overwhelmed with what to read next, Uppercase makes finding and reading the best young adult books a breeze.

defy the stars uppercase box april 2017

Surprise Yourself With a Book Box Every Month

The only thing better than getting books in the mail is the element of surprise!

With Uppercase, every month you get a surprise package with a young adult book and extra bookish items that’s a total surprise! Our subscribers absolutely love the surprise element and not knowing what young adult book or bookish items they’ll receive each month.

Do You Love Surprises + Books?

We’ve combined two of the best things in the world – books and surprises.

Every month you’ll be surprised and delighted when you get your Uppercase and have an exciting new young adult book to read. Every book is personally read and chosen by an expert in young adult literature, so you know it’s going to be a book you’ll absolutely love.

Uppercase Box August Monthly Book Subscription Box

Happy Birthday to You, Every Month

Imagine getting a birthday present every month – that’d be pretty awesome, right? Now imagine you unwrap the present to find an amazing young adult book plus high-quality bookish items inside!

The Best Gift for Readers and Book Lovers

If you love books – or if you know someone who does – an Uppercase subscription makes a fun gift to receive every month. And with several different plans, it’s affordable for everyone.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the reader in your life (or for yourself), you won’t find a better gift than a book subscription box!

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Read the Best Young Adult Books

Have you ever bought a book and either never read it or didn’t enjoy it?

Save your hard-earned money and let Uppercase send you only the best young adult books every month and you’ll never have to worry about spending money on books you might not enjoy.

Only the Best Books, Chosen By an Expert

Lisa, the founder of Uppercase, personally reads hundreds of advanced copies of young adult books every year and selects only the most incredible books just for you.

Lisa’s recommendations are trusted by hundreds of thousands of readers who follow her blog, Read. Breathe. Relax. and on The Huffington Post where she has demonstrated her proven track record of honest and authentic young adult book reviews for the past 5 years.

Let the expert in young adult books choose the most amazing and wonderful books for you, every month.

Uppercase May Monthly Young Adult Book Subscription Box

The Perfect Subscription Box for Young Adult Book Lovers

If you’re a fan of young adult books, you’ll absolutely love getting your Uppercase book subscription box every month. Join thousands of young adult readers who can’t wait to unbox their Uppercase book subscription box every month.

Is Your To-Be-Read Pile Overflowing?

You will always have a great young adult book to read when you subscribe to the Uppercase book subscription box. Enjoy the best young adult books every month in addition to exclusive bookish items, author signatures, and a personalized, hand-written note just to you. Being a part of the Uppercase book subscription box is like having your own personal book shopper and pen pal!

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Join Thousands of Young Adult Book Lovers

Discuss Young Adult Books with a Community of Book Lovers

Join a community of thousands of readers who also love young adult books and discuss the book of the month with them. Uppercase includes an interactive reading experience which immerses you in the book and with the other book lovers who are reading the book of the month at the same time.

How Does the Book Subscription Box Work?

Take a look inside the Uppercase book subscription box and see everything you get each month, how it works, and how you can join the thousands of book lovers who love opening their Uppercase book subscription box every month.