Uppercase exclusive behind-the-scene piece by Kasie West:

Milkshakes! Milkshakes! Yes, they are referred to over a dozen times in this book. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but for something unrelated to the actual plot, it really is. Why the milkshake love in this book? Let’s just say that one of the things Utah (the setting of this book) represents to me is milkshakes. I grew up (and still reside) in the middle of California. Here, we drink milkshakes through a straw. Who knew this wasn’t the best way to have a milkshake (in my opinion)? After I married a Utahan and started visiting there more often, I learned that the best way to eat a milkshake is definitely with a spoon. It should be so thick that the spoon stands up by itself. And go ahead and order a ‘small’ and see what they bring you. The world’s biggest small.

My friends (did I also mention that Utah is the home of some of the best writer’s conferences and I’ve made tons of writer friends there?) know that every time I visit Utah I will not leave without a trip to get milkshakes. Even in the middle of winter. Even if it’s snowing out. I just like the plain chocolate ones but they’ll even put extra sugar (in the form of candy) in them if you want as well. And don’t get me started on frozen custard. No, seriously, don’t. Now I’m dying for a milkshake and unfortunately I’m typing this from the middle of California. I actually must think about milkshakes a lot when I’m writing because they are mentioned in the majority of my books in some way or another. Not to the extent they are in this book, but mostly in passing. I wonder if this says something about me, as a person.

Regardless of what it says about me (probably just that I like frozen chocolatey treats) this love of milkshakes is a trait I bestowed upon Autumn’s character. It’s one of her comfort foods. It makes her happy. And what better place to have this character trait than in Utah?

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