YA SciFi Books You Should Read After Starflight

A Darker Shade top ten series i want to start

Cinder– This series has several great futuristic settings – New Beijing, Luna, and various space ships. I LOVED how the author imagined a futuristic Earth, not to mention a city on the moon.

A Darker Shade of Magic– The imagination in this book blew me AWAY. There are 4 different Londons in alternate times that are layered on top of each other. AMAZING.

These Broken Stars– This is science fiction gold. I LOVED this book and its planets being terraformed and its epic romance.

Illuminae– I don’t even want to say too much about this book except that you should read it!

Ready Player One– I really enjoyed the computer simulation style setting of this book – it felt scarily realistic.

Stitching Snow & Spinning Starlight– These books reimagined classic fairytales (Snow White & The Wild Swans) into new futuristic stories. They were original while incorporating the best parts of their source inspiration.

Passenger– I hope to one day live in a world where I can travel in space and time via a super cool pirate ship, so Passenger was sort of creating the dream 😉

Alienated– If in the future hot aliens come down to be delegates for their county, I don’t think a lot of teen girls will complain…

Uninvited– Despite a terrible sequel I would NEVER recommend, this first book was amazing. It’s basically the YA version of Minority Report, where teens discover whether they were born with the kill gene…SO GOOD.

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