A question I think a lot of readers will have is, “Why don’t we ever find out what exactly happened to Audrey?”

In a recent Bustle article, Kinsella answers this question:

“I did consider revealing what happened to Audrey — but then decided against. I feel strongly that if you start to think ‘This event caused this reaction and was responsible for Audrey’s condition,’ you actually relate less to Audrey’s predicament. So many teenagers these days suffer from anxiety, I wanted them to be able to relate to Audrey and not feel, “I didn’t have that event happen to me so I’m not like her.” It is also the case, as Audrey says in the book, that some things should be kept private; they’re not for sharing. I want readers who are suffering from anxiety like Audrey to feel that they don’t have to share everything. It’s important for some things to remain private.”

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