Music Read Along for The Queen’s Rising
by Rebecca Ross

I love to listen to music as I write. I feel like it truly helps me draw out certain emotions in my stories (you could probably chart the emotional ups and downs of this book with the music I listened to as I drafted and edited it!). There were quite a few songs that influenced and inspired The Queen’s Rising, and I thought it would be fun to share them for a read along. This entire list can be found on my Spotify (my username is beccajross, and the album is called THE QUEEN’S RISING) but here is the breakdown by chapter:

Prologue: “Opening”—Far From the Madding Crowd (*Note: I consider this sequence to represent Brienna’s Valenian heritage)
Chapter 1. Letters and Lessons: “Things I Do For Love”—Game of Thrones S.1; “Oak Leaves”—Far from the Madding Crowd; “I Dreamt I was Old”—Game of Thrones S. 5
Chapter 2. A Maevan Portrait: “Lost Girls”—Lindsey Stirling
Chapter 3. Cheques and Marques: “You’ll Be Queen Someday”—Game of Thrones S. 1
Chapter 4. The Three Branches: “From Past to Present”—Skyrim Elder Scrolls V
Chapter 5. The Stone of Eventide: “Ancient Stones”—Skyrim Elder Scrolls V
Chapter 6. The Fall: “The Bannered Mare”—Skyrim Elder Scrolls V
Chapter 7. Eavesdropper: “For the Realm”—Game of Thrones S. 3
Chapter 8. The Summer Solstice: “The Phoenix”—Lindsey Stirling; “Dust”—Interstellar; “I am Hers, She is Mine”—Game of Thrones S. 2.
Chapter 9. Song of the North: “Earth”—Gladiator; “The Kiss”—Last of the Mohicans
Chapter 10. Of Cloaks and Gifts: “The Glade Part 2”—The Last of the Mohicans; “Where’s My Horse?”—The Huntsman: Winter’s War
Chapter 11. Buried: “Talia’s Theme”—Colin Frake, Two Steps from Hell
Chapter 12. A Patron Father: “Star Sky” Instrumental—Battlecry, Two Steps from Hell
Chapter 13. Amadine: “Red Tower”—Battlecry, Two Steps from Hell
Chapter 14. Passion Brother: “Mirena”—Dracula Untold
Chapter 15. Elusive Bonds. “For the Win”—Skyworld, Two Steps from Hell
Chapter 16. The Grim Quill: “Mountains”—Interstellar
Chapter 17. A Sword Lesson: “Cornfield Chase”—Interstellar
Chapter 18. Oblique: “Valar Morghulis”—Game of Thrones S. 2
Chapter 19. Summer’s End: “Elements”—Lindsey Stirling
Chapter 20. To Stand Before a King: “The Winds of Winter”—Game of Thrones S. 6; “Coronation”—Game of Thrones S. 6; “The Wormhole”—Interstellar
Chapter 21. The Mademoiselle with the Silver Rose: “Destiny”—Robin Hood; “Love in the Eyes”—Game of Thrones S. 1
Chapter 22. D’Aramitz: “Sariel” Instrumental—Battlecry, Two Steps from Hell
Chapter 23. To Pass Through a Tapestry: “Oak Returns”—Far From the Madding Crowd
Chapter 24. The Hunt: “Lokasenna”—Thor
Chapter 25. The Warning: “The Oak Tree”—The White Queen
Chapter 26. Wounds and Stitches: “Charge”—Robin Hood; “Raven Rock”—Oblivion
Chapter 27. That Which Cannot Be: “Light of the Seven”—Game of Thrones S. 6
Chapter 28. A Divided Heart: “Bastard”—Game of Thrones S. 6
Chapter 29. The Words Wake from Their Slumber: “I Need You By My Side”—Game of Thrones S. 6; “No Time for Caution”—Interstellar; “Across the Blood Water”—Battlecry, Two Steps from Hell
Chapter 30. The Three Banners: “Mhysa”—Game of Thrones S. 3; “Promontory”—The Last of the Mohicans
Chapter 31. A Clash of Steel: “Ultraground”—Battlecry, Two Steps from Hell; “Akkadian Empire”—Audiomachine
Chapter 32. Let the Queen Rise: “Everlasting”—Archangel, Two Steps from Hell; “Heir to Winterfell”—Game of Thrones S. 3
Chapter 33. Fields of Corogan: “The Legend Begins”—Robin Hood; “Fate Has Smiled Upon Us”—Robin Hood
Chapter 34. Aviana: “The City Gates”—Skyrim; “Charge”—Robin Hood; “Khaleesi”—Game of Thrones, S. 6 (*Note: “Khaleesi” is the song that represents Brienna’s Maevan heritage).

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