Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes for My Lady Jane
by Jodi Meadows

When Brodi and Cynthia suggested I do knitting for my end of this, I laughed and said there isn’t much knitting. What followed was quite a lengthy list of places where knitting is mentioned in the book.

Like the part where Jane smarts off to her mom and says she’s going to bring her knitting to the wedding. (p.70)

Or the part where Jane is knitting in the carriage on the way to her honeymoon. (pp.122-124)

Or the part where Dudley offers to get Jane a chair for knitting in, and “all the yarn and needles a beautiful queen could desire.” (p.211)

Or where Jane threatens to knit G’s clothes. (p.488)

It’s no secret that I love knitting, and that I’ve infected more than a few people yarny contagion (*cough* Brodi and Cynthia *cough*), but I hadn’t realized how much I’d infected MY LADY JANE too. Hah.

But while the three of us enjoy knitting, our version of Jane . . . doesn’t, really. It’s one of the few things she’s not good at. Yet, she keeps trying, because practice makes perfect (maybe not for Jane in this case), and because it irritates her mother that she’s so bad at something.

Shockingly, I knit only one thing while the three of us were working on MY LADY JANE. Oh, I knit lots of things at home, but I had a scarf that I worked on only while I was traveling, and that’s what came with me when we went to our secret mountain hideout. Eventually, though, I decided to finish it at home, because I wanted to work on other things while traveling. Smaller things. Like socks.

Suspiciously, that’s when Brodi decided to learn to knit, and when Cynthia (who already knew how to knit but didn’t much) decided to step up her knitting game. I had an extra day in Salt Lake City and wanted to visit a yarn shop. That was when the magic happened.

Now, whenever we travel together, we pull out our knitting. At restaurants. On planes. Quietly in our room. We know how to have a good time.

If Jane were, ah, not fictional, we’d totally help her with her knitting, too.

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