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I told Nadia today that I would make a key for her. Out of glass. I don’t even know if I can do it, if glass can be made strong enough to turn a lock. If I can create a mold that precise. But I told her I would make it like it was nothing. Like I sit around molding glass keys every day. And I got what I was after. She smiled.

Nadia never used to do that. But now she does sometimes. Not when I see her in the street. Only when she’s on Jin’s roof. With me.

I’m going to make that key or die.

from the book of
Gray the Glassblower’s Son
Book 18, page 65


I’ve been working on a mixture for glass that will be strong, but not brittle. For the key. Spending my testings in the workshop to do it. It’s cold and dark in the workshop, but even a cooling furnace gives out heat, and I don’t want Dad or anyone else to know what I’m up to. It’s safer there than the upper floors, anyway. Just in case they come.

They are going to come. I know that.

But this resting I couldn’t concentrate on the key. My head kept circling. I talked to Nadia about the Forgetting again, at Jin’s, and she almost told me what happened. Almost. And when she opened her eyes what I saw was pain. The same pain I see in the houses of the Lost. I’ve been thinking about what it would be like, to remember the people you love when they don’t remember you. To know it’s going to happen again.

I don’t want her to be forgotten. I don’t want to forget her. The truth is, I just want her.

So instead of powdering glass for the key, I grabbed the box of pigments. Dad is going to kill me. We don’t have much of some of these colors, and we don’t know where they came from or how to get more. But I took some of the blue and added green, a little yellow, darkened with black. It took me a long time to get it right, but I got it. Blue like deep water. The color I saw when Nadia opened her eyes.

If Nadia wears my glass, and if I write this here, then maybe, after the Forgetting, I can remember her.

I have to remember her.

from the book of
Gray the Glassblower’s Son
Book 18, page 87
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