A Brief History of Chocofluff
by Maura Milan

Known for its light texture and rich chocolate flavor, chocofluff has been a staple favorite for generations of Commonwealth Citizens. The original recipe of chocofluff stems from Ancient Earth and is a quick, efficient source of glucose and protein, especially on gray planets and space habitation where fresh ingredients are scarce. In recent years, Narad Shomi, a celebrated chef known for modernizing ancient recipes, has once again brought chocofluff to the forefront using elevated and sophisticated ingredients found exclusively throughout the Olympus Commonwealth.

Shomi’s Chocofluff

*0.5 cup of sugar granules, preferably from the planet Xamia, whose strain of sugar cane boasts a crisp, sweet flavor and is well-known throughout the territories for its resilience to crop disease.
*4 eggs from the Relevan Hen, treasured throughout Olympus for its distinct buttery, savory taste
*0.25 cup Nudtch-processed cocoa powder
*A dash of cinnamon, harvested from the cinnamon trees of the Plio forests
*[OPTIONAL] 2 droppers of algae-bath spirulina


Step 1 – Take the 4 Relevan eggs and separate the egg whites from the yolk. Briskly whisk the egg whites. The egg whites will turn white and fluffy. Keep whisking until the mixture can maintain its structure. A good test used by most Commonwealth Citizens is to hold the bowl over your head. If it doesn’t fall, then the mixture is ready.

Step 2 – Little by little, add the Xamian sugar into the bowl. Then, mix in the Nudtch cocoa powder, as well as a light dash of Plion cinnamon.

[OPTIONAL] Add two droppers of spirulina for an added boost of protein and vital nutrients.

Step 3 – Preheat your burners to 275°F.

Step 4 – Layer a flat cooking tray with greased paper. Add the chocofluff mixture into a plastic pouch. Snip off one of the corners, and pipe out the fluffy mix onto the tray so that they look like small chocolate peaks.

Step 5 – Bake for 1 hour. When it’s done, take out the tray and let cool for fifteen minutes. The texture should be light and crisp.

Step 6 – Eat and enjoy while marveling upon the wonders of our glorious Olympus Commonwealth.

**Note that these instructions only apply to full Grav enviro conditions.

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