Here’s What Real Uppercase Subscribers Are Saying Every Month

february 2017 uppercase box

It’s the best book box subscription ever. — Tamara W.

You’ve gotta check out Uppercase!! It has the coolest bookish items, it comes with a signed copy, and it’s the best value!!
 — Lisa T.

If you love books, you need it.
 — Jennifer O.

I haven’t received an Uppercase book I didn’t like, they always send great books and fun bookish trinkets.
 — Jennifer S.

Uppercase is great because they pick cute bookish items, and they have excellent taste in young adult literature.
 — Brittany Y.

It’s totally worth it!
 — Kortney B.

You get a cool new book, along with extra content about the book, as well as exclusive bookish items!
 — Emma V.

It is an amazing experience to trust yourself to a random book and that all the inclusions in the box are fun and perfect for bookworms!
 — Elizabeth D.

january 2017 uppercase box subscription

If you love getting new, signed YA books, this is the subscription for you! Always has amazing new books.
 — Victoria V.

This is the best book subscription box out there. I’ve tried a few and this was my favorite.
 — Lauren B.

Uppercase is a wonderful way to experience all new sides of the YA book world.
 — Lexi N.

It’s a great service to find the up and coming books that you’re going to want to read and its so easy and convenient to do so.
 — Ashlee S.

I have already recommended Uppercase to lots of people. It is a great value.
 — Dawn S.

I would say that the box is really worth the price, because the boxes are quality and filled with great items.
 — Mackenzie S. 

If you’re looking for fun and exciting things to get in the mail each month, this is definitely for you!
 — Amanda S.

If you LOVE Books and want a unique reading experience, check out Uppercase. The book selection is amazing and varied, so you never know what great book will land in your mailbox next.
 — Andria B


Do it. Just do it! It is very worth it!
 — Leigh C. 

It’s the perfect size. 1 book, a couple extra items, a bookmark with extra features and A NOTE!! 🙂
 — Marne Z.

Everything about Uppercase is literal perfection.
 — Kelly H.

If you like getting a book each month with fun extras, then you’d love Uppercase!
 — Rachel B.

I always tell people if they love YA and if they love reading and cute items every month they need to subscribe. It’s so worth it!
 — Taylor D.

Varied genres of current YA releases that are signed plus surprise bookish items each month.
 — Kelly N. 

If you like signed young adult books, this box might be for you.
 — Kristen R.

Get it.
 — Michele D.

I would say they are a unique service that offers a interactive young adult book that is popular with a letter stating why they picked it. I definitely recommend 🙂
 — Alyssa Z.

june uppercase box 2016 young adult book subscription
uppercase box march 2017_lisalostinlit

It’s like Christmas every month. Imagining getting a book you have no idea what it’s gonna be like until you open it and reading the first couple of pages already in love.
 — Brittany J.

Uppercase is a really good book subscription box and it’s worth the price.
 — Melanie G.

I have loved every one I’ve received so far. Also it’s always a signed bookplate or book. And always a new release. All at a great price.
 — Mary Jo K.

It’s a great value – you get a signed book and curated items that are cute/useful. Plus you get an automatic community of people reading the same book.
 — Tracy C.

Great book selection and neat surprises at a great price.
 — Lisa E.

It is great for book lovers and people who want to get tailored book related items.
 — Jenney W.

It is an excellent book subscription with well chosen bookish items.
 — Shea B.

Uppercase has great book choices and special little cool things that add to the experience.
 — Lauren J.

Uppercase is it a very sophisticated book subscription that ensures a quality hardback that’s one of the best for the month, if not the best..
 — Katharine T.

I would say if you love books, to get Uppercase because you get so much more than a book.
 — Jessi H.

It’s a great deal. You get newly published Young Adult books every month, exclusive reading experiences that really enhance the books. Plus the items are always nice!
 — Veronica S.

Do you love young adult novels? Do you love bookish things? Well I have just the thing for you!
 — Annika A.

I’d say that it may seem like one of the smaller book boxes but they’re items are always high quality and the bookmarks that come with each months book add exclusive content that other boxes don’t have.
 — Adrianne S.

Young adult books you probably haven’t heard of yet and they are signed every month. Bookish items are a bonus and there is always at least one item included that makes me smile.
 — Rebekah C.

It’s a great way to try books that you may have never thought about buying yourself.
 — Kirsiah M.

It’s like Christmas every month. I like the surprise!
 — Jared J.

uppercase box ya subscription april 2016

If you love reading get this. You get a brand new hardcover book and lots a cute bookish items.
 — Vanessa C.

Very personalized. Packaged nicely and the books always look interesting!
 — Heidi E.

It has fun things as well as new releases.
 — Stephanie O.

I’d definitely emphasize the bookish goodies half of it. I know that’s what interests most people – the exclusives like bookmarks and other things. Also signed books!
 — Bekka W.

It’s a great treat to find in your Mailbox each month. Getting a book is fun, but the surprises that come with it make it all the more fun!
 — Christina W.

They are signed books and are ones that just came out!
 — Brandi R.

You have to get this, it’s awesome!
 — Liethie A.

It’s a great book box…if you’re interested in a new book and only a few extra items.
 — Erin S.

february 2016 uppercase box_starflight

It’s a great present you give yourself each month.
 — Emily D.

It’s like Christmas every month!
 — Layla M.

I did recommend it to my best friend and I told her that the books were great, and the team behind it works really hard to pick them and the items to go along and I loved it.
 — Ashley J.

I would say if you want the best books to check it out!
 — Elizabeth S.

It’s an amazing box if you want signed books.
 — Jessica P.

I would say it is a fun subscription service and the book and items are often good.
 — Katelyn K.

Uppercase has lots of cute bookish goodies.
 — Lauren W.

It’s a great product for its price.
 — Jamie C.

Uppercase October Young Adult Book Subscription Box
feb2017 uppercase box by your side

I would say that anyone who likes good mail and good books should try Uppercase.
 — Sara D.

It’s a cute little subscription box. If you have the cash to spare its fun to get.
 — Samantha D.

The package is a great deal and all the books have been very good.
 — Kristin M.

Cool books and neat surprises!
 — Jennifer O.

It’s a cool subscription where you get a book and some really great bookish things.
 — Cheyenne D.

It’s so much fun to receive book mail, plus cute bookish items.
 — Laura G.

It is a great little treat each month if you can afford the cost.
 — Jessica T.

You would enjoy the novelty items and the connectedness that Uppercase box tries to have with its readers.
 — Shawna H.


I actually have recommended it to my bestie and gotten it for her for a present. I told her she was going to receive a book that she was determined to like and as a bonus she was going to get some great goodies along with the book!
 — Vernie C.

It is a great gift for a teen girl. She looked forward to getting her box each month in the mail and enjoyed the books she received.
 — Kristi G.

Good overall value.
 — Allison E.

It’s a good service that delivers quality products.
 — Julia C.