There are so many amazing young adult contemporary books coming out this year! Here are a few I’m particularly excited for…

10 YA Contemporary Books We’re Excited For

10 young adult contemporary books we're excited to read

The Night We Said Yes

the night we said yes lauren gibaldi ya contemporary booksBy: Lauren Gibaldi
On Goodreads: HERE
Get It: June 16, 2015
Why We’re Excited: It just sounds fun. These teens say yes to everything as one last hurrah before college. Love it!

P.S. I Still Love You

ps i still love you jenny han ya contemporary to get excited aboutBy: Jenny Han
On Goodreads: HERE
Get It: May 26, 2015
Why We’re Excited: I adored To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before! It was cute and sweet and touching. I can only imagine that this sequel will live up to the first book’s excellence.

The Trouble With Destiny

the trouble with destiny lauren morrillBy: Lauren Morrill
On Goodreads: HERE
Get It: December 8, 2015
Why We’re Excited: I love the idea that this book is set on a boat! I haven’t read many books with this setting. Plus, it just sounds like love triangle fun.

What YA contemporaries are you waiting on?

Saint Anything

saint anything sarah dessenBy: Sarah Dessen
On Goodreads: HERE
Get It: May 5, 2015
Why We’re Excited: I love Sarah Dessen’s books! She just gets the teenage experience, and I’m beyond anxious to see what she’s cooked up this time. This book does seem more serious than her others, so be warned!

The Fill-In Boyfriend

the fill-in boyfriend young adult contemporary books to get excited aboutBy: Kasie West
On Goodreads: HERE
Get It: May 5, 2015
Why We’re Excited: I’m 100 percent Team West. Anything she writes, I will read. No questions asked. Plus, the premise – getting a fake boyfriend for prom – sounds like all kinds of fun.

Made You Up

made you up francesca zappia ya contemporary booksBy: Francesca Zappia
On Goodreads: HERE
Get It: May 19, 2015
Why We’re Excited: The premise of this story is so interesting: “Alex fights a daily battle to figure out the difference between reality and delusion.” Add in college fun, and I’m SOLD.

Proof of Forever

proof of forever lexa hillyer ya contemporary books to get excited aboutBy: Lexa Hillyer
On Goodreads: HERE
Get It: June 2, 2015
Why We’re Excited: I’m sucker for best friend stories – especially when the involve killer secrets! Plus, random time traveling? YES.

Finding Audrey

finding audrey sophie kinsella young adult contemporary booksBy: Sophie Kinsella
On Goodreads: HERE
Get It: June 9, 2015
Why We’re Excited: Sophie Kinsella is the MASTER of the quick, fun read. Her first YA book seems no different – with maybe even a slightly deeper twist. Cannot wait!

Hello I Love You

hello i love you by katie m stoutBy: Katie M. Stout
On Goodreads: HERE
Get It: June 9, 2015
Why We’re Excited: This book is set in Korea and involves pop music and romance. I think that speaks for itself. Plus, look at that cover? I’m not usually one to gush about covers, but how cute is that?

All We Have Is Now

all we have is now lisa schroeder ya contemporary books we're excited aboutBy: Lisa Schroeder
On Goodreads: HERE
Get It: July 28, 2015
Why We’re Excited: I’m so interested to see how things play out in this story. An asteroid is about to hit the Earth, and Emerson is planning on spending her last day in peace…until she meets Vince.

Lisa Parkin
Lisa Parkin
Lisa is the founder of Uppercase Box, the first young adult subscription box for avid readers. She also blogs about YA books on her blog, Read.Breathe.Relax.
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